Live Sound Engineering

Sound Reinforcement - There is nothing worse than sounding terrible when playing at your best

As sound engineers and seasoned musicians we see this all too often; Many bands will rehearse endlessly to nail that new song, weeks or perhaps months of intense preparation only to be ruined by a amateur or non existent sound man, just a quick 1 minute sound check by some guy in the sound booth eating a cheeseburger while texting his girlfriend. Meanwhile the band can’t even hear themselves onstage, let alone a horrible live mix. DO NOT LET THIS BE YOU!!

First and foremost the band must be able to hear themselves, they must hear each other in order to play well together. The monitor mix is a crucial and often overlooked part of the sound check, and requires lots of interaction with the band and often thru the first part of the set. Multiple monitor mixes are important with larger ensembles, particularly when they play instruments with very different loudness and timbre.

But ultimately the most important is the audience. It is our goal to have all in attendance to hear each instrument on stage loud enough to be interesting and exciting, without making ears bleed. Monitor positioning, height, and acoustics of the room must be taken into consideration.

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