Mixing and Mastering

Mixing Services

Send either the session or bounced .wav tracks of the session with or without effects. Certain effects important to the song should be kept but eq and compression will be left off.

The best-sounding audio masters come from the best-sounding audio mixes. An excellent mix makes an excellent master.

* clear vocals
* well-defined bass and bass drum
* dimensionality, depth, space

All mixes will be personally reviewed by another engineer. If you have already started a mix but you're running into problems with one or more tracks then we may start with your mix and improve it, or perhaps begin again with a clean slate with another approach that better suits your music. For a free evaluation of your material and an estimate, call or write to us today. Quotations are given on an individual project basis. We can remix just one, some or all of the tracks, depending on the needs of the music and your budget.

We will be honest in our evaluation and estimate of just how far we can take your material. Depending on how perfect you want your song to sound, we may suggest retracking, or reamping instruments, which we can also do for you. You are welcome to attend the session, or you can send your tracks for us to mix and we will send you a reference.


Mastering Services

JEMTECH provides post production and audio mastering at affordable rates. Our mastering service will ensure your music is ready for commercial release, and your music will receive the individual care and attention it deserves.

Mastering is the last creative step before CD audio replication. With us, you can do this without paying as much as you would with other mastering houses.

JEMTECH offers a free mastering preview service. Our engineers will listen to your audio and offer advice if there can be improvements. We'll even and offer a sample of the mastered work.

Our studios are equipped with industry standard professional gear. From A/D, D/A convertors to the latest in audio softwares and plugins.

Email us at info@jemtechindustries.com to speak to our experts.